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Silbermann City Frauenstein, our pearl in the east of Erzgebirge. This nationally recognized resort is surrounded by forests, fascinating valleys and a spacious ski resort, here are many art and culture centers and a region of many sightseeing atractions.

We will love to show you our little city and the small and big highlights around, which make Frauenstein so distinctive. There are for example the Castel with Saxonies most beautiful and biggest ruins, the Silbermann museum with an original Silbermann Organ, the city church, the post column, a milestone in the history of post traffic, the art adventure path or the idyllic mill trail.

Learn more about the wild romantic and through old mining shaped landscape. Discover more than eighthundred years history of cities and villages of these specific part of Germany. Be part of traditional folk and visit the home of pyramides, candle archs and Christmas smokers.

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